Employee Housing


0065 Tennis Club Road

Keystone, CO 80435



For your convenience please see the Employee Housing Rules and Regulations below to address frequently asked questions:   





Employee shall inspect the unit within 72 hours of commencement of the Residence License. If Employee should fail to submit documentation of damages to Management, it shall be agreed by Employee and Management that Employee completed said inspection and found all items to be satisfactory and free of damages. Furniture must not be removed from any Employee Housing unit at any time.


All Employees within a unit are responsible for what occurs within their unit. Employees are responsible for the actions of their guests or visitors. Any damage or illegal activity that occurs in a unit for which a specific individual does not take responsibility will be considered the responsibility of all Employees of that unit. A price list may be provided to you upon request.


If Employee removes a smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) detector from the ceiling or wall, or tampers with the detector in any way, the responsible Employee will be charged a $100 fine per detector. Only use fire pull stations and fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. If no specific Employee takes responsibility, the fine will be assessed evenly among all Employees in the unit. Discharging the unit fire extinguisher without a valid reason is cause to require that employee permanently vacate the unit. When you hear the main alarm, please vacate the building. Wait outside for security to signal the all clear. Do not hang any items from or over the sprinklers. If a sprinkler head is released due to Employee’s actions, Employee will be responsible for all costs associated with damages to the affected area.


No pets are allowed in employee housing apartments at any time. Please inform all visitors that they must leave their pets at home. Pets are not allowed in vehicles on property. If a pet is discovered, there will be a $50 pet charge and the License may be terminated.


The use or possession of alcohol by a minor, illegal drugs, narcotics, drug paraphernalia, any butane, or flammable cylinders over one ounce, controlled substances, guns, kegs, weapons, knives, bb or paintball guns, swords, etc., while on Employee Housing property is not allowed. Any illegal substance found will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency and could result in criminal prosecution. If illegal substances are found in any unit common area in which an Employee of that unit does not take responsibility for, all Employees of that unit will be required to permanently vacate the unit. Regardless of local ordinances, Vail Resorts follows Federal Law and defines controlled substances by the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, however, both Colorado law and Federal law give us the right to prohibit it. Marijuana use, possession and /or growing is prohibited at this community, and violators will be required to permanently vacate the unit.


Employee Housing is a non-smoking environment. No smoking is allowed in any building or unit under any circumstances. Smoking is permitted on the patios, decks and grounds provided that you are a minimum of 15 feet from any building entrance or window. Please extinguish and deposit cigarette butts in the urns provided at each building entrance. You will be issued a written warning for the first offense; a $75 fine for a second offense and a third offense may be cause for you to permanently vacate the unit.


Each guest must be registered and may stay for a maximum of five nights (even if it’s in a different Employee Housing unit). It is the responsibility of all Employees to report unregistered guests. A $50 fine will be charged to each Employee for each night an unregistered guest is determined in the unit. A guest is not to occupy anyone else’s bed even if no employee is currently occupying it.. Employees previously required to permanently vacate Employee Housing may not be registered as a guest, or visit Vail Resorts managed properties at any time. Employees who have been required to vacate from Employee Housing discovered back in Employee Housing will be considered trespassing, the license holder will also be required to permanently vacate Employee Housing and the former Employee will be prosecuted for trespassing. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by the Employee at all times.


Loud stereos, televisions or musical instruments are prohibited. Any noise or music should not be heard in the halls or adjacent units at any time. Employees may work different shifts and have a right to quiet at all times. An Employee who violates the noise policy will receive one written notice; a second is cause for a requirement to permanently vacate the unit. If you are experiencing excessive noise after business hours, please direct your call to local law enforcement and report your calling law enforcement to the Housing Office so we may follow up.


Employee must keep unit clean and sanitary at all times. Employee must leave empty beds alone and not use them for friends or to store their belongings. Employee must leave empty space ready and clean for the next person to move in. If a bed space is empty in your unit, Management may inspect it at any time. No type of unit alteration is allowed. No soliciting, peddling or operation of a business is allowed. No large nails, stick-on hooks, duct tape, screws or stickers should be placed on any surface in the unit. Employee may not bring into the unit any upholstered furniture nor remove any housing furniture which was provided in the unit. Sleeper sofas are not allowed in units at any time.


Employee is financially responsible for all damages that occur in a unit. Employee must recognize that being away while the damage occurs does not relieve Employee of his/her portion of the responsibility. All Employees are responsible for the unit common areas. If a Employee’s roommate causes damage and he/she fails to report the damage within 72 hours, all Employees of the unit will be responsible for the cost of repairs in the unit. Trash and waste should be disposed of promptly. Any trash found outside the unit will be charged to the Employees based on amount of containers.


Decks and balconies must be kept clear of trash, boxes, etc. furniture (except for outdoor furniture), grills of any type or size, flags, banners, lighted signs, Christmas lights and air conditioning units are not allowed on decks, balconies or in windows. Furniture provided by employee housing is not allowed outside of the unit/building or on decks/balconies at any time. Hammocks, chairs or furniture of any type may not be hung or secured to the ceiling, support beams or any part of the balcony, deck or within the interior of the unit.


In order to assure all Employees a safe and sanitary living environment, Management will conduct inspections in all units and may access your unit during reasonable hours to do so. Units will be inspected for the purpose of verifying compliance with the Residence License and Rules and Regulations. During inspections, Management is looking for damages, weapons, drugs, cleanliness, unregistered guests and over all condition of the unit. Fines will be applied and proper action will be taken. If Employee regularly fails unit inspections, his/her license may be terminated. Also, periodic inspections may be conducted without notice during reasonable business hours to ensure an unoccupied bed or room is available and ready for occupancy.


Management retains the right to access the unit to conduct emergency inspections without notice to Employee if Management reasonably suspects violation of these Rules and Regulations or in the event of a maintenance or other emergency.


Parking is limited at the Employee Housing properties.   You and any of your invited guests must fully comply with Employee Housing Parking Regulations at all times while parking on-site to avoid your vehicle being booted or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Your valid vehicle registration your valid driver’s license and payment of any applicable parking permit fees will be required to receive a parking permit.


Any Employee wishing to place a satellite dish receiver on the balcony/patio area must first receive written permission and explanation of placement from Management.


Any Employee/guest whose behavior violates Employee Housing rules will receive a Notice Demand for Compliance from the Housing Office. Copies of all notices may be forwarded to supervisors so they are aware of their employees’ behavior in Employee Housing. If a rule violation occurs in a unit and a specific individual does not take responsibility for the incident, all Employees in the unit will receive a Notice Demand for Compliance from the Housing Office. For your safety and security in our housing facility you are required to identify yourself by producing your Vail Resorts employee ID or valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license) when requested by security staff, Vail Resorts housing manager or law enforcement.


Repeated violation of these Rules and Regulations or violating more than one rule at a time shall be viewed as a continued default under the License. Occurrence of a continuing default cannot be cured by Employee and may result in immediate request to permanently vacate the unit.


If you have an emergency after Housing Office hours, please call Employee Housing Office at ___________. You will reach our automated answering service. Leave a detailed message as to the nature of the emergency, your name, unit number and a call back number so that someone may assist you. Please remember that this is for emergencies only, i.e. flooding, no hot water or no heat during the winter, etc..


If you are locked out of your unit after hours, please call for assistance at ___________ and follow the emergency message prompts. You will be charged a $50 fee for the unlock service. If you are locked out during office hours, please stop by the Housing Office and borrow a key at no charge.


Vehicles should be moved daily and will be towed if interfering with snow plowing or snow removal, the general snow cleanliness of parking areas and designated parking spaces or parked in non-designated parking areas.


A 3-day written notice delivered to the Housing Office is required to terminate your Residence License. Please keep in mind that just because you have given us a notice, we do not consider you to have vacated your unit until you have completed and signed a check-out form in the Housing Office.

If you are moving out after Housing Office business hours fill out a “check-out envelope” or write the date, your name, unit number, number of keys and parking permits being returned, contact phone number and a forwarding address on an envelope. Place your keys, parking permits and any balance due inside, seal the envelope and drop in the “night drop box.” If you have lost your unit keys, you must either check out at the Housing Office during hours or leave a written statement in the “night drop box” with your name, unit number and date you vacated the unit. A $30 fee will be assessed for non-returned or lost key.

All units must be cleaned and presentable. If they are left unclean, a service fee will be assessed. Any personal belongings found in the unit after date of move out will be discarded and Employee will be charged rent through that date. A walk-through will be conducted by an Employee Housing staff member for condition of unit. Any damages not reported prior to move out will be charged to all Employees of the unit. Damage deposit or invoice for any fees owed will be sent to the forwarding address within 60 days of move-out.


22) ROOMMATES: Employee agrees that, to the extent permitted by law, Employer will have the right to add additional occupants to the Employee Housing Unit (including adding additional occupants to the room occupied by Employee) at any time. Management reserves the right to add, delete or change Housing policies and procedures with or without notice.

If you are not sure of a policy or procedure, please contact the Housing Office and we will be happy to explain, in detail, all policies and procedures.

In addition, please make sure you read your Residence License in detail for further explanation of your responsibilities to Management.

*Please note that some policies do vary by location