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The EpicPromise Employee Foundation is accepting Emergency Relief applications for those with COVID-19, care-taking for someone with COVID-19, or under quarantine due to COVID-19. Click here to learn more and apply.

The EpicPromise Employee Foundation COVID-19 Grant Process

The EpicPromise Employee Foundation is committed to providing support to Vail Resorts employees and their families during times of need, and this includes instances related to COVID-19.

We encourage those who are infected with the virus, presenting symptoms of the virus, are caretakers of an infected person or are quarantined due to the virus to apply for a special COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant.

All of our Emergency Relief grants are aimed at providing relief in a time of hardship and need. Our goal is to help get employees through a moment in time, as the EpicPromise Employee Foundation has finite resources. The Employee Foundation will operate as normal at this time, and we will continue to accept applications for all grants: Emergency Relief and our current Ascent Scholarship. For emergency grants not related to COVID-19, please use the normal process and apply here.   

Below are a few examples of eligible scenarios in more detail:

Example Grant Scenario – Presenting Illness or Caretaker

For when you or a family member are unable to work because you are sick with COVID-19 or you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19, as certified by a medical professional 

COVID-19 documentation 

  • Written narrative of your emergency scenario, describing a financial hardship in relation to COVID-19 and/or;
  • Documentation indicating a doctor’s visit or proof of medical test such as a note prescribing a COVID-19 test, lab or test results, after medical visit care summary, etc.   

COVID-19 expenses eligible for reimbursement – please note all medical expenses will only be considered after insurance has processed and a final bill is provided.  

  • Initial doctor’s visit or urgent care visit  
  • Emergency Room visit 
  • Cost of test (if not otherwise covered) 
  • Chest x-ray or other associated tests 
  • Recommended over-the-counter or prescribed medication 
  • Any expenses related to your time in isolation, hospital stay, or illness, etc. 

Example Grant Scenario – Quarantine and Travel Expenses

For when you or a family member are sick or under recommended quarantine away from your housing 

We will consider expenses related to quarantine, such as:  

  • Unexpected lodging and food 
  • Other related expenses 

If possible, we need a doctor’s note ordering quarantine or explicit proof of transportation closures and cancellations, etc.  

If you are affected by COVID-19 but are unsure of your eligibility to apply for an Emergency Relief grant, email epicpromise@vailresorts.com

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EpicPromise Foundation still accepting non-COVID-19 applications?

Yes, we are accepting Emergency Relief applications for all employees and currently accepting Educational Ascent grant applications for U.S.-based employees until April 7.

How quickly can I expect to receive my grant?

Applications are subject to review and are not a guarantee of funds. Please also be mindful of our timeline to fulfill grants. The EpicPromise Employee Foundation cannot pay any medical expense that insurance will be paying at a future date. This is consistent with our current procedure, and we will have to wait until insurance processes any claims before we can fulfill a grant.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the EpicPromise Employee Foundation at epicpromise@vailresorts.com