Housing Aid



Housing Works Initiative

The Summit Foundation, FIRC and Summit Combined Housing Authority have teamed up for the Housing Works Initiative!  This program aims to help quality, employed, local individuals and families secure reasonably priced market rental properties.

Find out more at SummitFIRC.org.

To Qualify You Must:


* Be locally employed year-round in Summit County

* Be able to sign a one-year lease

* Housing Works Initiative approves application based on rent to income ratio (RTI). For an applicant to be approved, he/she must demonstrate an RTI below 45%. For example, an applicant seeking a 2-bedroom apartment at $1800/month must have an income of $4000/month or greater (45% of monthly income is going to rent).

Benefits of the Program Include:


* Lower move-in costs: you only have to pay the first month’s rent and a $1000 deposit to move in, then the last month’s rent will collected in small payments over the next 12 months.

* Long-term housing options

* Access to community resources through FIRC.

Interested Tenants Contact: