Caring for a Coworker

What a season we have had! Now, as we start winding down, many of us are faced with transition and change; putting away our skis and taking out our hiking and biking gear, shifting to summer operations, travelling, saying goodbye to friends, or moving to another town.

Changing seasons can be exciting as we look forward to warmer weather, new routines and new opportunities.  I know I am excited for the next chapter to begin and to get out on my bike as well as spending some time on the Keystone golf coursed this summer.

Change can also be overwhelming – if you are feeling this I want you to know you are not alone and you have support to help you manage through this. Our Epic Wellness program provides a myriad of support resources that I encourage you to take advantage of for any of life’s challenges.  Available to all U.S. employees, our Employee Assistance Program (Password: EpicBenefits) can help you, your dependents and anyone you live with, with a variety of life issues from finding a new daycare facility to support on your mental health. Even if you are separating from Vail Resorts at the end of this season, you can take advantage of this benefit for up to three months after your last day. 

If you see a co-worker struggling there are also a number of resources available to you at Caring For A Coworker that you can leverage to provide support and guidance, including advice on when or where to ask for additional help on their behalf.

We care about you and those around you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support when you need it. Our Wellness Manager, Corey Levy, is available on (303) 504-5831 and can guide you to the right resources to support you.

I hope you have a fantastic end to your season and please remember to Be Safe.

Working at Vail Resorts provides countless opportunities, both professionally and personally. We also know there are times when the going can get tough for you or a coworker…and we’re here to help.

We want to make sure you know about the numerous resources that are available when you or your coworker may be having problems.

Welcome to Vail Resorts’ “Caring for a Coworker” resource. This information is intended to help Vail Resorts’ employees support the mental and physical health of their peers. Within this resource you’ll find practical information relating to the following life issues…

|  Stress Management  |  Suicide Prevention  |  Alcohol and Drug Abuse  |  Communication Tips  |  Resources  |

Please use this information to assist in helping others and remember you can also contact the following resources for additional support:

  • This is not a crisis intervention. If you are in a crisis or dealing with an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.
  • ComPsych: (800) 272 – 7255 | (Organization Web ID: VailEAP) | In addition to their coaching, there are numerous articles, podcasts, slideshows, etc. on the website.
    • You can also find a list of local preferred EAP providers that partner with ComPsych by clicking here.
    • Don’t forget – each Vail Resorts employee and their household members’ first six counseling sessions per issue, per Plan Year, are provided at no cost to you
  • Vail Resorts’ Internal Wellness Manager, Corey Levy: (303) 504 – 5831 |
  • Vail Resorts Benefits Services Group: (303) 404 – 1010 |
  • Local HR
  • MDLIVE Therapy Consultations: (888) 632 – 2738 |

IMPORTANT: Vail Resorts takes employee confidentiality extremely seriously. Unless there is an immediate threat, all information shared with the above resources will remain confidential.

Whether you’re with Vail Resorts for a season or a career, we view all of our employees as family and want to look out for each other. We hope you find these resources helpful and useful. If there is anything you would like added to this resource, please contact us at